What's in my bag

Leather bag with studs from asos.com

Coupons and papers (need to throw them away but i usually have all kinds of notes & papers in my bag, i don't know why i keep them in there haha). Some cookies for my dog in a plastic bag, leather gloves, postage stamps, pen, smint dental, my mobile, wallet, calculator, tissues, chanel foundation compact, cg lash blast, revlon nude lustre lipgloss, gosh darling lipstick.

The make up that i keep in my bag changes everytime, but i always bring the chanel compact because it also has a mirror in it. Sometimes i also bring more make up, but mostly only a couple of things. Or sometimes nothing at all!

What's in your bag?

4 reacties:

Posh zei

Mooie tas!

lvst zei


suzanne zei

Ik wil die tas mehhh.

lvst zei

Ahh ja echt jammer dat ie niet meer verkocht word =(