Latest movies i've seen

So i think i'm going to write more about the latest movies i've seen. Cause this is also a thing i really like to do, next to beauty & fashion. So i will show you which movie i've seen lately, and i will tell you something about it & what i do or don't liked about it.

Lakeview terrace

I liked this movie a lot, Samuel L. jackson acts really good (like usual). He plays a LAPD officer, and he's a racist. He doesn't like the fact that the new neighbours are a couple, a Caucasian man & his afro american wife. So he transforms their lives into a hell! Samuel L. Jackson's part in this movie is to annoy everyone, because he's making his neighbours lives miserable. But actually i was more annoyed by the neighbours, i thought they were very fake & i just didn't liked them. But this really is a nice movie!

The boy in the striped pajamas
This movie was very good, and it made me really sad. It's about Bruno a young boy, with an army commandant father. They have to move because his father becomes a commander of a prison camp. Bruno becomes friends with a boy named Shmuel who lives behind an electrified fence. But soon he will find out that his friend is a jew, and that the yard after the fence is a prison camp. This movie is very good, the story is very sad. And the end was also very good, this is definitely not a feel good movie. After the movie i felt pretty sad, because these thing really happened. And it just makes me mad.

Eden lake
Wow, this movie really shocked me. After the movie i thought, wow things like that could really happen and it made me sick. It's about a happy couple that escape for a romantic weekend away. When they get there, it's very peaceful & nice. But soon the peace is shattered by a gang of annoying kids. The kids start to begin very normal, with bold & annoying behavior. But after a while, they start to steal things. And it becomes worser and worser, things get out of control. And it becomes very very brutal & gruesome. I thought this movie was really good, if you get emotional sometimes and you have an uneasy stomach. Prepare yourself for this movie, because it gets gruesome sometimes and it's very realistic!

Ghost town

i really liked this movie, it was very funny & original. The film is about Bertram Pincus who doesn't really like people. When he dies unexpectedly, but revive after 7 minutes. He has the ability to see ghosts, and even worse they all want something from him. Particularly Frank Herlihy who pesters him into breaking up the impending marriage of his widow Gwen. That puts Pincus squarely in the middle of a triangle with spirited result. This movie was very original, really good & very funny. I absolutely loved how ricky gervais played bertram pincus.

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