My favorite comedy film actors.

Let me show you my favorite comedy film actors, i don't have a favorite actress. Because i think there aren't many comedy film actresses which are really funny. Mostly they play like a dumb girl, like cameron diaz & many other actresses. I think they are funny, but not like the actors. It's like there are no really good comedy actresses, or i can't come up with one right now. I don't know haha.

Will ferrell
i love how he acts. I think it's hilarious, especially in this movie step brothers.
I love this movie, i laughed my butt of.

Seth rogen
he's hilarious. I think he looks a little like will ferrel, only younger.
Especially pineapple express was amazing, it was so funny.

Steve carrell
he's amazing. Great actor, also in a serious role (like dan in real life).
He's amazing in the office, it's so funny. And the 40 year old virgin is absolutely great!

Ben stiller
also hilarious. I love his movies!

I also love: Adam sandler, Jon heder & jim carrey.
I probably have forgotten some, but it doesn't matter.
If you like these actors, you'll definitely like these movies:

Anchorman, step brothers, blades of glory, elf, napoleon dynamite,
old school, school for scroundels, Knocked up, superbad,
pineapple express, step brothers, the 40 year old virgin, little miss sunshine, bruce almighty.

Which comedy film actors/actress do you like?

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