Another nail polish haul!

I'm such a sucker at blogging, i'm so sorry guys! It really was my plan to make more blogposts, but as you may have already noticed there weren't any blogposts or only a few. So i'm sorry, i'm not going to promise i'll make more blogposts anymore. Because we all know i couldn't keep my promise before... But i have some things planned & i'll make sure i'll be posting more. So if you follow my blog, you'll see the newest posts!

And again a nail polish haul, i'm such a nail polish addict! I really like to paint my nails all kinds of colors, i think it looks nice when you have some cute colour on your nails instead of always the same colour or just a french manicure. Right now i'm trying to resist on buying more nail polishes. Except when there's a really unique colour or a colour that i don't already have. Or or or... No just kidding haha. So here are the nail polishes and swatches, hope you guys like it!

I really liked essie this month. From left to right: Like linen - Van d'go - Tart deco - California coral - Mink muffs

O.P.I. dim sum plum - China glaze re-fresh mint - O.P.I. jade is the new black

Seche restore thinner, for my seche vite dry fast topcoat. I really hope it works, haven't tried it out yet but the seche vite dry fast topcoats get thick real quick so it will thin the topcoat.

Essie - Like linen

Essie - Van d'go

Essie - tart deco

Essie - California coral

Essie - Mink muffs

China glaze - Re-fresh mint

Opi - Dim sum plum

Opi - Jade is the new black

I really like these nail polishes a lot, especially the Essie ones. I think they were really great to apply, very smooth application. All swatches are 2 coats, the only nail polish that didn't apply that well was china glaze re-fresh mint. This nail polish applied really streaky & it was pretty thick so it was a bit annoying to apply. But overall i really like the colour, it's a really nice mint colour! The essie colors are great summer nail polishes, especially van d'go - tart deco & california coral i think they're HOT!

Please let me know what you think of these nail polishes!