Meet my dog

Let me introduce you to my dog, his name is jobo and he's a tibetan spaniel. He's now 1.5 years old, me and my boyfriend bought them when we moved in our apartment. I love this dog so much, he's so sweet & i think tibetan spaniels are great dogs!

haha i didn't knew dogs could actually smile, it really looks like he's smiling!

Dancing for a cookie
playing with my purple sock, he loves to play with our dirty socks. haha crazy!
Doing a begging dance


Zara dress

I totally forgot to show my new zara dress, i bought it a few weeks ago. I bought it for 25 euro, which is about 30 dollars. i love this dress, i think i'll be wearing it a lot in the summer.

What do you think?


Revlon nude lustre

Today i received my Revlon super lustrous lipgloss in nude lustre, i bought it on ebay for 6,10 dollars. I've heard very good things about the revlon super lustrous lipglosses, so i bought this color.

As you can see it's a pink peachy nude color, which looks very beautiful on every skin color. I will definitely buy more colors of this lipgloss. I bought this lipgloss on:


Mac bonus beat & splendid swatches

Bonus beat & splendid
I love these colors, bonus beat is a nude color & splendid is a pink peachy color. As you can see they are very shimmery, and that looks really nice on your lips. The staying power is very good too!
Have you got any mac lipglasses too? And which one do you like, or do you have any recommendations?

Wet 'n Wild swatches

eyeshadow trio's

egyptian sands

mojave mauves

belgian chocolates

Amazon greens


brow essentials in medium dark

liquid eyeliner in black & automatic eyeliner in midnight black
mega shiny lipgloss in sugar babes

3 of a kind stick in blush
Naive - Heather silk -Pearlescent pink

I love it, i think the eyeshadows and the blushes are very pigmented and the colors are very pretty! And the mega shiny lipgloss in sugar babes is a very nice color, and it stays on really well. The brow essentials is also very good, but they don't have many colors to pick from. So i'm lucky this color matches my eyebrows! I don't know if i like the liquid eyeliner yet, because i haven't used it. But the color is really black, so that's good.


Wet 'n Wild haul

A few weeks ago i ordered some wet 'n wild stuff on wnwbeauty.co.uk, they had a special sale or something & everything was only 1 pound! This is what i've got:

i've heard so much great things about this brand, especially about the blushes & eyeshadow trio's. I'm so happy i got all these great products for only 25 euro or less, which is about 30 dollars (including the shipping costs)! I will post some swatches of these products this week.


MAC Haul!

Today i received my mac lipglasses from ebay!
I bought two limited edition items, i've got it for 35 dollars including shipping.
They are my very first mac products, and i will definitely buy more! Here's what i got:

Mac heatherette in bonus beat

Mac dame edna in splendid


Perfume haul!

Just came back from the post office to pick up a package with perfume in it,
and i also went to a drugstore and bought another perfume! Here's what i got:

Paris hilton & Love by Lily prune. The lily prune perfume was only 10 euro, which is about 14 dollars! So cheap for a 50 ml. bottle. It smells lovely, especially for the price. The paris hilton perfume i got for only 17 euro (100 ml. bottle), which is about 21 dollars. It's a tester, so it came without the original box & the cap. I love this fragrance, it's really sweet. They're both can't compare to my HG perfume, which is Gucci eau de parfum II. But i still love it.


Earthen treasures

A few months ago i've found this super sweet webshop called earthen treasures. It's a small bath & body business, where you can find lovely home made products made by a mother & daughter from Pennsylvania. I have read many great reviews about their body mists, they have really good designer dupes and it's so cheap! So a few weeks ago i've decided to order some of their purse size moisturizing body spray. And i received it this weekend

So this is my order, 16 body mists & she also gave me some free gifts. So sweet! I'm so happy with the body mists, they smell so nice. My favorites are:
- Sexy graffiti, smells super nice & sweet.
- Gucci II, this is the only dupe i have as a original fragrance as well. I absolutely love this one, it smells not exact the same as the original. But it smells so nice, if you like the original you'll like this one too. I love it!
- Pacific paradise, this one smells sweet & fresh. Great for summertimes!
- Blackberry musk, this one smells really fruity and sweet as well. I love it!

As you can see i really like sweet fragrances, these purse size body mists (8 ml.) are only 2.25 dollar each. The 2 oz. is only 4,95, so cheap! I will definitely buy more of this cute webshop!

You can buy it here: