Mac nuance mineralize blush & a tip for the dutch people..

Yesterday i received this beautiful mineralize blush from mac, in the color nuance.
It's a very pretty peachy orange color with gold shimmer, i love it. I think i'll be using it a lot this summer.

And something for the dutch people:
Ik heb misschien een leuke tip voor jullie, ik heb deze blush al een tijdje & ik vind hem echt super. Hij is van de hema, en is erg goedkoop! Volgensmij kost ie tussen de 3-4 euro, ik weet niet zeker of ze hem nog verkopen. Maar de blush heeft erg veel pigment, en blijft goed zitten. Het deed me een beetje denken aan de mineralize blush van mac hierboven, alleen heeft de blush van hema zelfs meer pigment! Dus misschien een leuke tip voor jullie!

Let me know what you think of it!


Rimmel lasting finish foundation review

Yesterday i bought the Rimmel lasting finish foundation, i've heard some good things about this foundation on several blogs. So i was very curious to try it out, i also have the rimmel renew & lift foundation. But unfortunately i bought the wrong color, it's a bit too dark for me right now. Maybe i can wear it in the summer, i hope so. So here's what i think right now about the Rimmel lasting finish foundation,

I think it's a great foundation, especially for the price. It has a medium - full coverage, but it doesn't look unnatural or something. It smells really nice & it blended out very good. The only thing i didn't liked about this, is that there wasn't much choice of color. I don't know if it depends on where you buy it, maybe they have more choice on the internet. I'll let you guys know if i still like this one, when i've tried this foundation out a little longer. For now, i'm very happy with this foundation.



Newton Faulkner - dream catch me

(This isn't the original video ofcourse)



My boyfriend loves reggea, and because he listens to it sometimes.
I've been starting to like it too, here's a song from lucky dube.

Lucky dube - I feel irie


FOTD nr. 3

Btw on the photos the eyeshadow seems lighter, but in real life the colors look darker.

What i've used

Coastal scents 78 color palette
Max factor masterpiece mascara
Anastasia duo brow powder in medium ash

Chanel vitalumiere satin smoothing foundation
Blush from the 78 color palette


FOTD nr. 2

What i've used

Chanel vitalumiere satin smoothing foundation
Rimmel renew lift concealer
Eyeko 3 in 1 cream
Catrice mineral blush

Mac warm eyes palette
Cover girl lash blast
Elf waterproof eyeliner in black
Gosh waterproof eyeliner in black
Anastasia matte highlighter
Anastasia duo brow powder in medium ash

Mac soft & slow lipglass


Anastasia beverly hills review!

A few days ago i received some things from anastasia beverly hills, she gave me the following things: The 6-item kit, which includes: tweezers, brow powder, 5 brow stencils, mini duo brush, clear brow gel, dvd with instructions & matte camille highlighter. I also received the go brow, brow enchancing serum, brow duality & the lash lifting mascara. I was so excited to receive this, i couldn't wait to try them out. And oh my god, i absolutely love these products. They are the best i've ever tried, i hate my brows. But with the products, i kinda love them now. Which is pretty amazing for me, because i have overplucked them for years & i hated them.

Let me show you what i received & what i think about the products:

What's inside:

From left to right : Clear brow gel - matte camille highlighter - 5 brow stencils - dvd - brow powder duo in medium ash -mini duo brush - tweezers

What i think of the products:

I think these products are amazing! The tweezer is great, it's the best i've ever tried. It took me so little time to remove all the unwanted hairs. The mini duo brush is also very good, the brow brush worked great & it's very soft! I think the 5 brow stencils are also a great idea, but unfortunately there wasn't a shape that fits my brows (my brows are too small :( ). The brow powder was perfect for me, finally a good color that matches my hair color. Also it did look natural which i'm very very happy about! Because of all the other products i've tried, i thought it looked fake & unnatural, so big thumbs up for the anastasia brow powder. The matte highlighter is a great product, it made my brows pop out more. The clear brow gel is also very good, i haven't tried other brow gels yet. But i'm very happy with this one!

Top to bottom : Lash lifting mascara - brow duality - go brow - brow enchancing serum

What i think of these products:

The mascara worked fine for me, more about this read below. The brow duality is great, it made my brows pop out more (for swatches & more read below). The go brow is also very good, the brow pencil worked great for me. It's the perfect color & it's great for an everyday look. I don't have any opinion about the brow enchancing serum yet, because i'll have to use it for a few weeks first. I'll let you know what i think of it, within a few weeks!

Lash lifting mascara

I'm very picky about mascara's, i always want a waterproof version of mascara's. Because when i don't use the waterproof version, my lashes won't stay curled. That's excactly what happened to me with this mascara, i thought the brush worked very good & i definitely loved it. Except it didn't worked for me, i think if it would be a waterproof version i would like this one very much. So if you always use non waterproof mascara, this is definitely a great mascara. The mascara didn't made my lashes curl, but it definitely made them longer! See pic below.

Brow duality

Brow duality swatch, on the left is the matte version & on the right is the shimmer version.
I think the highlighters are great, it definitely makes my brows pop out more.

Before & after photo, with the products used below

(duo brow powder, clear brow gel, matte highlighter, mini duo brush)

Full face shot, used brow powder on the right brow (the right side on this photo)

Overall i loved all of the products, i can't tell you how much but i absolutely loved them. They are the best brow products i have ever tried, i don't think i'll ever need to try out more. Because these products are perfect for me!!

You can buy it on http://www.anastasia.net , or on several stores!

For the dutch people, ik zag dat je het ook bij de douglas kan kopen.


american apparel double u neck dress

Today i received this beautiful dress from american apparel, it's very tight but i like it.
I think i'm going to buy some more in black & maybe another color.

Let me know what you think of it!



Here my latest haul, i bought this the past 2 weeks:

Cacharel - amor amor tentation, naomi campbell - paradise passion, escada - sunset heat

Chloé - signature & Gucci flora. I absolutely love these, they smell so amazing. Right now they are my favorite perfumes, together with my gucci eau de parfum II.

Nars duo eyeshadow in portobello, pretty nude colors.

Cheap ass make up: 3 lipsticks from catrice, catrice allround concealer & catrice mineral blush.

4 elf eyeshadow brushes, the brushes are so soft!

Dorothy perkins dress & sandals, the sandals are with gold studs. I love these!

Let me know what you think of it!


Contest Crater lake company!

I'm happy to announce a new contest! The crater lake company is sponsoring to give away products for $20, that means the winner gets $20 to spend on crater lake company. Isn't that great? I already have tested the spring sampler set of craterlakecompany & the products are amazing. All of the products i've tried smell so nice! The only thing you need to do is comment me with the following line:

if I had $20, I would spend it on the following items at CLC : (put a link to the products you want if you win for $20 right here)
for example: If i had $20, i would spend it on the following items at CLC : http://www.craterlakecompany.com/buso.html & www.craterlakecompany.com/edpo.html

The only thing is that you need to pay for the shipping costs, but they're not much.

They ship worldwide, so everybody is welcome to join this contest!!

The contest ends on May 2nd


Ladyhawke - Magic


Another wishlist.

Lately i've bought a lot of perfume, and it's very addicting. Because i want to buy more & more, i've smelled the chloé perfume yesterday and oh my god it smelled so amazing!! I want to have these so bad, maybe i'm asking it for my b-day. The other perfumes also smell amazing, i want these also. I've been wanting the ralph lauren perfume for 4 years now, i don't know why i've never bought it but i think it's about time i will.


Crater lake company review!

A few days ago i've received some goodies from crater lake company, i received the spring sampler. I was very excited to review these products, because they are handmade and those products are made with love. The spring sampler contains the following things:
  • 1.5 oz Comforting Creme - Coconut Bavarois
  • 2 oz True Lustre Conditioner - Honeysuckle Fizz
  • 2 oz *NEW* All Tressed Up Shampoo - Peach Fizz
  • 0.5 oz Flutter Butter - Cherry Berry Swizzle Candy
  • 2.5 oz Sugar Cloud - Apple Mango Chutney
  • 1 oz Aloe Smoothie Lotion - Sweet Lavender Milk
  • 2 oz *NEW* Putting on the Spritz Hair & Body Spray - Twisted Candy
  • BONUS while supplies last, 1 oz - 2 oz cold-process soap slice in a scent of our choice.

I think the products are amazing, they smell so good! The packaging is also very nice, simple but so cute. The products are all very moisturizing & they all smell amazing. I've tried the products in the last few days and i smelled lovely. These are great products, you should definitely check them out.

You can buy it on: http://craterlakecompany.com

Review: Nad's hair removal experts

A few days ago i received 3 products from Nad's hair removal experts. I received the following products:

  • Nad's 24 facial hair removal strips
  • Nad's brazilian & bikini kit
  • Nad's 24 hair removal strips

What they claim

24 facial hair removal strips:

A quick and easy way to remove unwanted facial hair, Nad’s provides 24 strips for longer lasting smoothness. The innovative new contour weave paper technology is softer and more flexible to conform better to your body's curves. Nad's Facial Hair Removal Strips, are the quick and easy way to keep your skin hair free for weeks. We also include the NEW Desensitizing Kava Wipes to help relax, calm and reduce the "ouch" factor of facial waxing. Suitable for sensitive, delicate areas, including face and bikini line. With regular use, hair growth is progressively slowed down.

Brazilian & bikini kit:

Remove hair down there with the new Nad's Brazilian & Bikini Wax Kit, specifically designed for hair removal of areas with thicker, coarser hair like the bikini/ brazilian area or underarms.Nad's Brazilian & Bikini hard wax has a sensual mango and peach scent and give clean, smooth results for weeks. Bare all or try something a little different with four specially designed templates to personalise your intimate region.Be creative with one of the four bikini shapes included in the kit – Landing Strip, Bermuda Triangle, Heart Breaker and Thunder Struck.

24 hair removal strips:

A quick and easy way to remove unwanted hair, Nad’s provides 24 strips for longer lasting smoothness. The innovative new contour weave paper technology is softer and more flexible to conform better to your body's curves. Nad's Hair Removal Strips, are the quick and easy way to keep your skin hair free for weeks. We also include the NEW Desensitizing Kava Wipes to help relax, calm and reduce the "ouch" factor of waxing. Suitable for legs, arms, underarms and bikini. With regular use, hair growth is progressively slowed down.

I tried all 3 products. I was very excited because i'm always searching for some great hair removal products which are not very painful. So i was very happy i got the opportunity to try out these products. First i've tried the 24 facial hair removal strips, i thought they worked very good. It removed all the hairs, and it didn't hurt that much. After that i've tried the brazilian & bikini wax kit, they have all kinds of shapes in the kit which is very funny. I haven't tried these, but i think it's nice that they're in the kit. About the wax, you have to warm it up for 1 minute in the microwave. Which is very quick, than you have to place the wax on a tiny spot where you want to remove hair. Wait for 30 seconds, and then remove it with your hands. I thought this was so much better than removing the hair down there with strips, it wasn't painless but it didn't hurt me as much as other hair removal products. After that i've tried the 24 hair removal strips on my legs, they worked good just like the others!

I think Nad's is a great company, they use natural products & none of the products are tested on animals! So i'm very positive about these products, if you're looking for good working natural hair removal products, you should definitely check them out.

You can buy it on: http://www.nads.com/


Steam cream review

Yesterday i received a jar of steam cream, i was very excited to try it.

What they claim:

STEAMCREAM represents the latest concept in skincare. Using a revolutionary steam-infused manufacturing process, STEAMCREAM provides a long-lasting, intensive and effective form of skincare that can be used on face, body and hands.
STEAMCREAM have pioneered the use of a steam technique to create this unique, gentle and loosely-bound emulsion. This looseness allows each ingredient – including a moisturising and soothing oatmeal infusion, orange flower water and healing lavender oil – to breakdown and penetrate areas of the skin that other creams find hard to reach.
Packaged in a compact, flush-lid aluminium tin featuring unique and collectable designs, STEAMCREAM is a perfect on-the-go product – convenient to slip into your bag, take to work, to school, on holidays or to the gym. And it’s hand luggage friendly at just 75g!

  • multipurpose cream uniquely formulated using pure, unrefined steam for maximum absorption.
  • High quality skincare for all skin-types.
  • Locally produced using fresh, natural and traceable ingredients.
  • Funky eco-friendly packaging designed in Japan and decorated with limited edition collectible designs.
  • Handy-sized tin for on-the-go lifestyles at an affordable price.

What i think about steam cream:

I think steam cream is a great product, it moisturized my skin & made it feel very soft. Also i've tried the steam cream on my arm where i have a little bit eczema, and it helped very good. The steam cream smells very nice, it reminds me of lush angels on bare skin. Steam cream is for all skin types, and there's 75 gr. in it. Which is pretty much i think, especially for the price. Also i really liked that you can choose between different designs of packaging, i think it's very cute & original. I really reccomend this to anyone!

You can buy it on http://www.steamcream.co.uk/ / http://www.alicejohavesentials.nl/


Review: Sweetly you

Yesterday i've received 3 things from sweetly you, i was so excited!
I've received the following things:

- essential sugar scrub in sweet heart (8 oz.)
- foaming bath butter in pomegranate (8 oz.)
- premium body lotion in very sexy (4 oz.)
here's what they claim:

- essential sugar scrub: Sweetly You offers an Essential Sugar Scrub that uses the natural power of Avocado Oil, Bees Wax, JoJoba Beads and raw cane sugar to help leave rough, flaky skin smooth and moisturized. Great for use on skin during the summer to show off a fresh glow or during the winter stay smooth and moisturized. A great companion to our luxurious Foaming Bath Butter. Buff some life into your tired skin today!

- foaming bath butter: This luxurious foaming bath butter is made with sweet almond oil, glycerine, and pink jojoba beads and has the consistency of a rich cake icing with tiny pink sprinkles. It moisturizes even rough, dry, flaky skin leaving behind a softness that ordinary bath soaps can’t provide. Its unique foaming action helps it go a long way and also provides an ultra-rich moisturizing lather for both women and men's shaving. Try some today and fall in love with Foaming Bath Butter!

- premium body lotion: Made with natural Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Jojoba and Aloe Vera,this silky cream lotion is able to effectively repair and soften your dry or stressed skin while Grape Seed oil and other natural vitamins help as anti-oxidants to protect your skin.Try our Premium Body Lotion and boost your skin's health today!
What i think about the products:

- essential sugar scrub in sweet heart (8oz)
This smells so good, it smells very sweet like candy or something. I absolutely love the smell of this scrub. The scrub made my skin feel very soft, it definitely does what they claim. You get 8 oz, which is a lot! For only $9.95, i definitely reccomend this to anyone who needs a new scrub that moisturizes your skin & makes it feel soft.

- Foaming bath butter in pomegranate (8oz)
Again i love the smell, it's very sweet! I think it smells great. It felt great on my skin & it really moisturized my skin. So if you have dry skin & you need some nice smelling bath butter,i definitely reccomend this to you! It's only $10.95 for 8oz!

- Premium body lotion in very sexy (4oz)
Hmmm, this smells great. I don't know if it smells the same as the original scent from victoria's secret, because i haven't smelled that one before. But i love it! It's a very nice smell, it's very sexy like it says. The body lotion made my skin feel very soft! If you have a dry skin & you need a lovely smelling body lotion, i definitely reccomend this to you! It's only $6.95, so grab yourself a bargain!

You can buy it here: http://www.sweetlyyou.com/

Review: Thepromakeupshop.com

Yesterday i've received some samples from thepromakeupshop.com.

THEPROMAKEUPSHOP.COM is an exciting new online store providing a range of essential products for the professional makeup artist, student, educator, schools and consumers. Our core product range includes new and exclusive single use and disposable mascara wands, brushes and applicators for eyes, lips and the face that target the concerns of professional makeup artists, their clients and consumers regarding bacteria, infection and cross-contamination, but because of our products' quality, you can still achieve the latest looks in fashion and beauty.

I've received the magic 9 mascara brush collection & the pro collection.

The magic 9 mascara brush collection includes:

3 x "Big Bertha"
3 x "Long Tall Lucy"
3 x "Natural Nadine"
3 x "Particular Polly"
3 x "Show Stopping Sam"
3 x "Voluptuous Veronica"
3 x "Curvy Carolina"
3 x "Shapely Shelly"
3 x "Wide Eyed Wendy"

I got one sample of each mascara brush. You have a lot of choice in different brushes, so you can achieve different looks.

The pro collection includes:

2 x "Shady Sheena" Dual Foam & Natural Brush Eye Shadow Applicator
2 x "Double Trouble Trudie" Dual Foam Eye Shadow Applicator
2 x "Angled Angelina" Deluxe Angled Eyeliner/Eye Brow Brush
2 x "Tidy Terry" Eye Brow Comb
2 x "Liquid Lily" Long Tipped Eyeliner Applicator
2 x "Precision Penny" Short Tipped Eyeliner Applicator
2 x "Glossy Gloria" Sponge Lip Gloss Applicator
2 x "Pouting Poppy" Deluxe Synthetic Lip Brush
2 x "Blushing Belinda" Large Blush, Contour & Highlight Brush
2 x "Highlight Holly" Small Natural Blush, Contour & Highlight Brush

Again i received one sample of each, this collection contains single use tools for lips eyes and face.

I think thepromakeupshop.com is a great online store & it's a great idea, because it's very important that you work with bacteria, infection free tools when you're a professional make up artist. If you're a make up artist, or your practicing as one or if you're just a consumer. You should definitely check it out! I think these are musthaves for a professional make up artist.

Thepromakeupshop.com ships international & the products aren't expensive.


Shopping trip

Yesterday i went shopping in Utrecht with a friend of mine, i haven't seen her in a long time. So it was very nice to see her again & shopping is always nice so i had a fun time. Let me show you what i've got:

All the clothes are from h&m, the bracelet is from pieces & the sandals are from action. The sandals were only 5 euro, so i had to buy them. The jumpsuit was 30 euro, but i don't know if i'm gonna keep this one. I'm not sure if i like the quality of it, and i don't know if i'm gonna wear it. Also because of the quality, i'm afraid that the jumpsuit is going too look ugly when i've washed it. The salmon pink top is from the h&m trend collection & it was 25 euro. The batwing top was only 20 euro.

At the sephora they had a sale where you get 3 products for 10 euro, so i got a bronzer, blush & lipgloss. The max factor lipgloss was only 2,50 euro. I also got 2 mac products, which were on my wishlist. The studio sculpt foundation in nw25 (unfortunately the make up artist advised me the wrong color, which really sucks. because i thought they would know, now i'm stuck with this foundation that's way too light for me =( ) & the satin taupe eyeshadow.

Let me know what you think of it!