MF false lash effect vs. CG lashblast mascara

Monday i bought the new mascara from max factor, it's called max factor false lash effect. I already got the covergirl lashblast, which looks almost the same. I wanted to try this one, because i saw some reviews and they were pretty good. So i decided to compare these two!

on the Left we have the maxfactor brush & on the right the cover girl brush.

Left max factor & on the right cover girl. (don't mind the tired eyes)

So i'm not really sure if i like this one, i was very excited about it. But i think i prefer the cover girl mascara, because it makes my lashes fuller. The max factor mascara didn't make my lashes fuller, but it does make it look longer. But it didn't gave the false lash effect at all, on the picture it looks like the max factor one is better. But in real life i think the cover girl is much better. The thing i like about the max factor, is that it makes my lashes longer & the brush is nice. But that's all... What i like about the cover girl mascara is that it makes my lashes fuller & also longer. i also liked this brush, another good thing about this mascara is that it's cheaper than the max factor. But perhaps not on ebay, in the netherlands i bought 21 dollars for the max factor mascara. And i payed less than 10 dollars for the cover girl mascara (which i bought on ebay).

3 reacties:

Eef zei

Wow ik vind ze allebei mooi! Max factor is wel wat voller!

lvst zei

Thanks! Ja inderdaad op de foto lijkt ie voller, denk dat ik em nog ff een paar keer moet gebruiken. misschien dat ik die van max factor dan echt fijn ga vinden!

Suzanne zei

Ik vind de CG ook fijner!