My favorite shows

I love watching tv shows, it's so addictive and it's always fun to watch. So here are my favorites.

Number 1, the sopranos

I absolutely love the sopranos, it's funny & always exciting.
The characters are amazing, and they act very good!

Number 2, The wire

This is a really good show, and the characters are amazing!

Number 3, Gossip girl

Love this show, it's so addicted. And love the characters, especially blair waldorf.

Number 4, The shield

Great characters, great show.

Number 5, 90210

Just an addicting show, i love it!

Number 6, The secret life of the american teenager

Such a lovely show, i think it's very addicting.
The acting isn't that great, but i don't care.

Number 7, The hills

Always fun to watch! With beautiful make up & fashion!

Number 8, The city

Also very nice.

Which tv show do you watch? and which one is your favorite?

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