Mac warm eyes palette (sweet joy, warm suede, gentle heat)
Wet 'n wild automatic eyeliner
Max factor masterpiece mascara in black waterproof
Rimmel eyebrow pencil

Rimmel renew & lift concealer
Chanel vitalumiere satin smoothing foundation
Milani minerals mai tai blush
Wet N Wild mega glo illuminating powder in starlight bronze
Mac lipglass in soft & slow


Mac haul

Today i received 2 mac eyeshadow palettes from the passions of red collection.
I got the Devoted Poppy: 6 Classic Eyes & the Intriguing Scarlet: 6 Warm Eyes, i was so excited to receive these. I really love these palettes, especially the warm eyes palette. The case of these palettes are very beautiful, it's very chic. The warm eyes palette is very pigmented and i absolutely love these colors. The classic eyes palette is also pigmented except for 2 colors, fall deeply & awaken (the green and the blue color) i also thought that the application of these 2 colors were a little difficult. They also have chunky glitters in it, which i didn't like that much either. Too bad, because the colors are very nice. Another thing i really liked about these palettes, is that it comes with a 213 se brush.
The brush is so cute, see pictures below how small it is!

Warm eyes - Classic eyes

From left to right: Sweet eyes - young thing - amorously - awaken - in awe - fall deeply

From left to right: Sweet joy - warm suede - well spiced - gentle heat - real drama - grand entrance

I'm so happy with these palettes, let me know what you think of it!



Bikinis, help me.

So i'm thinking about buying one of these, i don't know which one yet.
So please help me out, which one do you like the most? I think they all look very beautiful!


Lovely jewelry

Yesterday i received these cute jewelry pieces i bought on ebay. The seller i bought it from is so kind, and very helpful! The jewelry you can buy on her ebay store is very cheap & she sells very nice things. Also the shipping was very quick & cheap, for the first item you pay $2,95 & for each additional item you pay $.50! Here's what i got:
Heart pendant necklace, rose pendant charm bracelet, gold tone bracelet (lot of 6).
The total price was only $14,39 including the shipping costs, and the quality of the products are very good!
What do you think of it?

Yesterday's outfit

Yesterday's outfit.
And i wanted to show you this photo of my dog, because he looks so cute.


What's in my bag

Leather bag with studs from asos.com

Coupons and papers (need to throw them away but i usually have all kinds of notes & papers in my bag, i don't know why i keep them in there haha). Some cookies for my dog in a plastic bag, leather gloves, postage stamps, pen, smint dental, my mobile, wallet, calculator, tissues, chanel foundation compact, cg lash blast, revlon nude lustre lipgloss, gosh darling lipstick.

The make up that i keep in my bag changes everytime, but i always bring the chanel compact because it also has a mirror in it. Sometimes i also bring more make up, but mostly only a couple of things. Or sometimes nothing at all!

What's in your bag?



So i thought now i've showed you the moves i've seen lately. It would be fun to show you which music i like at the moment! Because next to beauty fashion & movies, i also really like music but who doesn't right? I have a very varied music taste! Let me show you which songs i've been listening to lately

Robyn - with every heartbeat

Adele - hometown glory

John mayer - the heart of life

Red hot chili peppers - by the way

Coldplay - the hardest part

Coldplay - clocks

Coldplay - the scientist

Empire of the sun - standing on the shore

Kings of leon - be somebody

Bloc party - talons

Sam sparro - black and gold

De Staat - The Fantastic Journey Of The Underground Man

September - cry for you

Placebo - the bitter end

Ryan leslie - valentine

Ryan leslie - rescue u

Ryan leslie - I-R-I-N-A

Sade - cherish the day

That's not all, but these songs i like the most. Let me know what you think of it, and if you have some recommendations please let me know!

What i was wearing this week + how i looked.

Very simple outfits + make up, but i like that. If you have any questions, please ask.
And let me know what you think of it.


Soft & slow

Today i received this lipgloss from mac called Soft & slow, from the neo sci-fi collection.
I bought it on ebay for about 12 dollars including the shipping costs. Which is really cheap i think!

I think this lipgloss is so beautiful, it's a warm rosy pink shade & i think it will look good on anybody.
Let me know what you think of it!


My perfume collection

Picture 1, from left to right: Gucci eau de parfum II in 30 ml & 75 ml - Paris hilton - Dkny be delicious - Emporio armani remix - Gucci Rush

Picture 2, from left to right: Cacharel amor amor - Bruno banani pure - Naomi campbell catdeluxe at night - Bruno banani basics - So..? kiss me - Lily prune love - Mexx - The body shop cassis rose

Picture 3, from left to right: (Tickledpinkscentsations) beyond paradise - seductress - rl romance - shimmering pink - (Becauseimtheprincess) daisy - rockin' rio - sexy graffiti - pacific paradise - the one - flowerbomb - silhouette

Picture 4, from left to right: (Earthentreasures) Gucci II - sexy graffiti - ralph hot - pacific paradise - be delicious night - luscious - rockin' rio - ralph rocks - harajuku lovers - blackberry musk - coco mademoiselle - juicy couture - amazing grace - beach goddes - nina


Congratulations to....

Lindy K.
ik vond dat jij de leukste reden gaf! De lipgloss gaat zo snel mogelijk jou kant op,
heel veel plezier ermee en gefeliciteerd!
Voor de mensen die niet gewonnen hebben, bedankt voor alle leuke mailtjes.
En ik zal in de toekomst nog meer winacties houden, dus houd mijn blog in de gaten!


For the dutch people, herinnering winactie

Even een herinnering voor jullie, tot morgenavond kan je nog mailen voor de winactie!

Je kan dus de wet 'n wild mega plump lipgloss in de kleur plum desert winnen!

Als je deze lipgloss wilt winnen, kan je me mailen met je naam + adres & de reden waarom je het wilt winnen naar: ellegirl.060307@gmail.com
Je kunt mailen t/m morgenavond!


MF false lash effect vs. CG lashblast mascara

Monday i bought the new mascara from max factor, it's called max factor false lash effect. I already got the covergirl lashblast, which looks almost the same. I wanted to try this one, because i saw some reviews and they were pretty good. So i decided to compare these two!

on the Left we have the maxfactor brush & on the right the cover girl brush.

Left max factor & on the right cover girl. (don't mind the tired eyes)

So i'm not really sure if i like this one, i was very excited about it. But i think i prefer the cover girl mascara, because it makes my lashes fuller. The max factor mascara didn't make my lashes fuller, but it does make it look longer. But it didn't gave the false lash effect at all, on the picture it looks like the max factor one is better. But in real life i think the cover girl is much better. The thing i like about the max factor, is that it makes my lashes longer & the brush is nice. But that's all... What i like about the cover girl mascara is that it makes my lashes fuller & also longer. i also liked this brush, another good thing about this mascara is that it's cheaper than the max factor. But perhaps not on ebay, in the netherlands i bought 21 dollars for the max factor mascara. And i payed less than 10 dollars for the cover girl mascara (which i bought on ebay).


My favorite comedy film actors.

Let me show you my favorite comedy film actors, i don't have a favorite actress. Because i think there aren't many comedy film actresses which are really funny. Mostly they play like a dumb girl, like cameron diaz & many other actresses. I think they are funny, but not like the actors. It's like there are no really good comedy actresses, or i can't come up with one right now. I don't know haha.

Will ferrell
i love how he acts. I think it's hilarious, especially in this movie step brothers.
I love this movie, i laughed my butt of.

Seth rogen
he's hilarious. I think he looks a little like will ferrel, only younger.
Especially pineapple express was amazing, it was so funny.

Steve carrell
he's amazing. Great actor, also in a serious role (like dan in real life).
He's amazing in the office, it's so funny. And the 40 year old virgin is absolutely great!

Ben stiller
also hilarious. I love his movies!

I also love: Adam sandler, Jon heder & jim carrey.
I probably have forgotten some, but it doesn't matter.
If you like these actors, you'll definitely like these movies:

Anchorman, step brothers, blades of glory, elf, napoleon dynamite,
old school, school for scroundels, Knocked up, superbad,
pineapple express, step brothers, the 40 year old virgin, little miss sunshine, bruce almighty.

Which comedy film actors/actress do you like?

Latest movies i've seen

So i think i'm going to write more about the latest movies i've seen. Cause this is also a thing i really like to do, next to beauty & fashion. So i will show you which movie i've seen lately, and i will tell you something about it & what i do or don't liked about it.

Lakeview terrace

I liked this movie a lot, Samuel L. jackson acts really good (like usual). He plays a LAPD officer, and he's a racist. He doesn't like the fact that the new neighbours are a couple, a Caucasian man & his afro american wife. So he transforms their lives into a hell! Samuel L. Jackson's part in this movie is to annoy everyone, because he's making his neighbours lives miserable. But actually i was more annoyed by the neighbours, i thought they were very fake & i just didn't liked them. But this really is a nice movie!

The boy in the striped pajamas
This movie was very good, and it made me really sad. It's about Bruno a young boy, with an army commandant father. They have to move because his father becomes a commander of a prison camp. Bruno becomes friends with a boy named Shmuel who lives behind an electrified fence. But soon he will find out that his friend is a jew, and that the yard after the fence is a prison camp. This movie is very good, the story is very sad. And the end was also very good, this is definitely not a feel good movie. After the movie i felt pretty sad, because these thing really happened. And it just makes me mad.

Eden lake
Wow, this movie really shocked me. After the movie i thought, wow things like that could really happen and it made me sick. It's about a happy couple that escape for a romantic weekend away. When they get there, it's very peaceful & nice. But soon the peace is shattered by a gang of annoying kids. The kids start to begin very normal, with bold & annoying behavior. But after a while, they start to steal things. And it becomes worser and worser, things get out of control. And it becomes very very brutal & gruesome. I thought this movie was really good, if you get emotional sometimes and you have an uneasy stomach. Prepare yourself for this movie, because it gets gruesome sometimes and it's very realistic!

Ghost town

i really liked this movie, it was very funny & original. The film is about Bertram Pincus who doesn't really like people. When he dies unexpectedly, but revive after 7 minutes. He has the ability to see ghosts, and even worse they all want something from him. Particularly Frank Herlihy who pesters him into breaking up the impending marriage of his widow Gwen. That puts Pincus squarely in the middle of a triangle with spirited result. This movie was very original, really good & very funny. I absolutely loved how ricky gervais played bertram pincus.


Gosh velvet touch lipstick

Today i bought a lipstick from gosh, it's called gosh velvet touch lipstick in darling. I've heard some good things about this lipstick, it's a very pretty nude color. I'm so happy that i bought it, because i was looking for a nude lipstick. And this one is so smooth & it's such a pretty color.

I love this lipstick, i bought it for 6 euro i think (normally it's like 8 euro, but they had 25% off sale on all gosh lip products). What do you think?


Simple eotd

Just a simple eotd:



Wet 'n Wild eyeshadow trio in belgian chocolates

Cover girl Lashblast mascara in waterproof (black)

Wet 'n Wild mega liner

Rimmel professional eyebrow pencil in black

Maybelline expert eyes in black


Revlon super lustrous lipgloss in nude lustre


For the dutch people: winactie!

Speciaal voor de nederlanders, hier dan een winactie!
Wat je kunt winnen:

Wet 'n Wild mega plump lipgloss in de kleur plum desert! Wat de mega plump lipgloss beloofd:

Pucker up with a lip gloss that gives you a plump pout without the pain or expense of collagen injections! This brilliantly sheer lip gloss contains Maxi-Lip™ for full, kissable lips, while Vitamins A, E & aloe vera delivers moisture with just a hint of sheer, shiny colour. The more you use it the longer the plump lasts - feel the tingle working!

Als je deze lipgloss wilt winnen, kan je me mailen met je naam + adres & de reden waarom je het wilt winnen naar: ellegirl.060307@gmail.com

Je kunt mailen t/m 14 maart!

Good luck ladies!

My favorite shows

I love watching tv shows, it's so addictive and it's always fun to watch. So here are my favorites.

Number 1, the sopranos

I absolutely love the sopranos, it's funny & always exciting.
The characters are amazing, and they act very good!

Number 2, The wire

This is a really good show, and the characters are amazing!

Number 3, Gossip girl

Love this show, it's so addicted. And love the characters, especially blair waldorf.

Number 4, The shield

Great characters, great show.

Number 5, 90210

Just an addicting show, i love it!

Number 6, The secret life of the american teenager

Such a lovely show, i think it's very addicting.
The acting isn't that great, but i don't care.

Number 7, The hills

Always fun to watch! With beautiful make up & fashion!

Number 8, The city

Also very nice.

Which tv show do you watch? and which one is your favorite?



Opi you don't know jacques!
I love this color, it's a lovely taupe color. In real life the color looks so much better.


Eyeko haul!

Eyeko, i think you've all heard about it this past few months. Eyeko is a brand from london, the make up has a manga twist & japanese flavour. Lately this brand is very popular, and you can find many reviews on different beauty blogs. The reviews i read on beautysites & blogs are always very positive, so i decided to order some thing. I got: the eyeko cream & strawberry fatbalm. The eyeko cream is a moisturizer, highlighter & eyecream. I'm gonna use it as a highlighter, here is what they claim:

Create a flawless base with Eyeko's 3-in-1 Cream MOISTURISER, HIGHLIGHTER & EYE CREAM in 1!Infused with skin perfecting light reflectors and antioxidant Vitamins A& E plus a Vitamin C boost for a radiant, clear complexion.

So i've tried it on and i thought it looked really nice, especially in the summer. It's a pink gold shimmer highlighter, and i love it. In real life it looks so much better than on the picture!

I also ordered the strawberry fat balm, here is what they claim:
Berry-liscious tints with light reflecting particles and added moisture for softer, sexier lips. Smooth on to cheeks too for a fruity flush. Available in 3 sheer shades.

I absolutely love this smell, it smells really good. It smells like strawberries haha ofcourse, it's called strawberry fatbalm! The color is really nice too, on my lips it looks red and it's very pretty. On my cheeks it's more like a red/pink color, very nice. I think this is very useful, because you can use this as a blush or as a lipbalm. Just like you can use the eyeko cream on different ways. You can find these things on
www.eyeko.com for only 5 pounds each!


Revlon colorstay foundation

A few days ago i received this foundation i ordered on ebay, i've been wanting this for months because i've heard good things about it. People compare revlon colorstay foundation to the mac foundation because of it's good coverage. But this one is a lot cheaper, so i really wanted to try it. Here is what they claim:

Want makeup that is flawless and weightless for 16 perfect hours?? Revlon® has the solution - ColorStay® Makeup with SoftFlex®.Specially formulated for normal or dry skin, this oil-free, moisture-balanced formula gives you flawless looking skin. Makeup looks fresh and feels great for up to 16 hours thanks to the lightweight, comfortable feel from the Patented SoftFlex® Formula. Medium to full coverage in 12 luxurious shades, with SPF 15 protection

So i'm really impressed with this foundation, i've got it in normal/dry skin and in natural tan. I've been searching for a foundation that has a medium to full coverage, and this foundation does the job. It covers good, but not in a way that it doesn't look natural. It looks very natural, and it didn't break me out. The only thing i didn't like about this foundation is the packaging, there's no pump on it. So when you want a small amount of foundation out of it you have to be careful. I bought this foundation on ebay for only 10 dollars. So it's definitely worth to give it a try, if you're looking for a new foundation.