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So here are my answers to these questions:

How old were you when you first started to use make-up?
I don't know, i think i started to use make-up when i went to high school. So i was like 12 years old when i started to use it, i didn't use much. First i started to use mascara & an eyelash curler, when i got older i started to use a little bit foundation & maybe sometimes eyeliner. When i was 15-16 i used more make-up when i went to a party, i didn't really knew much about make-up so it didn't really look pretty haha ( i thought 10 layers of mascara looked good, yeah right? ).

What was your first make-up product?
Mascara. And i think my first mascara was from HEMA (dutch store)

Who inspired you to use make-up ?

I think my sister

Why do you use make-up?
I think make-up makes me feel more beautiful & i just love make-up. I love to play with different colours & to create a pretty look and feel good about myself after i've created that look. And i love to try out different brands and products, when i find a great product it makes me happy. Even though i love make-up so much, i don't wear it all the time.

What's the best beauty tip you've ever got?
I've seen a lot of great beauty tips on different beautyblogs/websites or on youtube. So it's hard to tell, but lately i've been using fix+ by mac to blend my foundation more. I think i saw this on youtube, i had problems with the foundation application (especially my studio sculpt foundation, because i have dry skin it looked cakey) now i use fix+ and a flat top brush (powder brush by elf studio) and it blends out perfectly. My foundation looks very natural & it doesn't look cakey anymore. So i think that was a great tip, because i hated that my foundation looked cakey.

What's your beauty tip for us?

If you have problems with foundation looking too cakey, use studio fix+ by MAC (or any other brand who has such sprays). You can spray it on your face before/after you applied your foundation, you can also spray it on a wedge sponge or your brush (i prefer a flat top brush, like elf's studio powder brush) than blend it out with swirling motions and your foundation looks more natural and not/less cakey. Also if you haven't got it already, buy an eyelash curler. When i was younger i had problems with my lashes. I always wanted them to curl more, but mascara didn't help. So when i found out there was an eyelash curler, it made me so happy. Now my eyelashes look much longer & much more curled.

How do you store your make-up?
I got 2 ikea drawers, where i store some of my make-up, hair & beauty products. I also have 2 plastic drawers from xenos where i store more make-up on top of the ikea drawer.

How long does it take for you to apply your make-up?

It depends on how long i have, normally i just take my time so that means i'm really slow. So it takes about 30-45 minutes, yeah it's very long i know but it's not like i have tons of make-up on. And when i go out to a party or have a dinner or something, it takes even longer because i always want my make-up to look perfect haha.

What's your favorite make-up brand & why?

Wow that's hard, because there's always a brand i like more for a specific product. For example: mascara's. I use drugstore brands, because i think they work the best. For mascara's i really love max factor or maybelline. But when it comes to foundation, lipsticks, lipglosses, blushes etc. I looove MAC. I also really like NYX, they have great products and it's very cheap. So i think my favorite make-up brands must be MAC and NYX. Mac because the products are awesome, one of the best i think! And they always have limited editions, so you have a lot of choice. Also the smell of their products are lovely! The packaging is also pretty, and it makes me feel very luxurious when i use it. I think nyx is one of the best drugstore brands (even though you can't buy it there in the netherlands), the products have great pigmentation and they have a wide range of colours and products. Also the smell of their products is ok, not great like mac but it's ok. I think the packaging of their products is also ok, i don't love it but i don't hate it either.

Which product do you really want to have at the moment?
MAC's lipstick in lollipop loving (especially the gorgeous limited edition packaging, so pretty!). I've been wanting this lipstick for a pretty long time, so i think it's about time i go and buy it.

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Maybelline colorsensational lipstick

Yesterday i did a little shopping at the drugstore. Not really much, but i really needed my favorite moisturizer (the l'oreal happyderm), because i ran out of it. Of course i had to check out the make-up section and bought 2 mascara's, both from max factor (there was an action: 2 for 1 on all max factor mascara). I got the masterpiece & the aqua lash, i already have these but i really need new ones & i think they work great. I've also bought a new lipstick, the new lipstick from maybelline called colorsensational lipstick. I couldn't choose between all the colours, there were a lot of pretty colours. So i went for a nude colour, because i love nude lips. I chose a pretty nude pink colour called: velvet beige nr. 630. I love the colour, on my NC40 skin it's a nice nude colour: not too dark not too light. It's a very nice colour for everyday wear. The lipstick goes really smooth on the lips & it kinda reminds me of the satin/cremesheen lipsticks from mac, and i love those so that's great! Also the lipstick stays on for a pretty long time, pretty much the same as the cremesheen lipsticks from mac. I think the packaging is also very pretty, but there was a huge sticker on it (the drugstore did that, fuckers haha). So i was trying for an hour to get the sticker off, but it stayed sticky & there was still some glue or something left on it. So that sucks because the packaging was so pretty, and now you can see a part with all glue and some leftover sticker. I got the lipstick for 10,99 euro or 9,99, i don't know anymore i think it was 9,99. So not really cheap, because you can buy mac lipsticks online for that price.

But i really like the lipstick, i'll definitely check out more colours & i'll maybe even buy more soon.
So here is a photo of the lipstick on my lips:

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Tag: favorite products

I haven't been tagged, but i'd like to do this tag anyway because i thought it was fun to read at other blogs & i'd like to fill in this tag myself. So here are my favorite products at the moment

Powder: Mac mineralize skinfinish natural
Foundation: Mac studio sculpt or Revlon colorstay foundation
Concealer: Mac studio sculpt concealer or Mac select cover up concealer
Blush: Mac mocha - Elf candid coral . But it changes everytime, right now i'm using these the most.
Bronzer: Mark bronze pro
Mascara: Max factor masterpiece wp - Max factor aqualash - CG lash blast
Lipgloss: Right now i love: mark glow baby glow luxe in sugar luxe - Laura mercier lip glace in ambre rose - Mac lipglass in enchantress. But it changes everyday, it depends on what i wear etc.
Lipstick: Mac brave new bronze - Mac twig . This also depends on what i wear.
Eyeliner: Mac fluidline in blacktrack - Mark get in line hook up liquid eyeliner
Eyeshadow: It depends on what i'm wearing & what i feel like that day. I love a lot of eyeshadows, but for everyday i love Mac patina & satin taupe or nars portobello eyeshadow duo.

Hair mousse: I don't use that at the moment.
Hairspray: L'oreal elnett, but i don't use it that often.
Shampoo: Yes to carrots shampoo.
Conditioner: Yes to carrots - Pantene
Hairmask: Pantene pro v restoratives

Perfume: Chloé signature - Gucci edp II - Gucci flora
Body lotion: Vaseline aloe vera - sweetly you very sexy
Deodorant: Dove
Face mask: Queen Helene Mint Julep (i don't apply this all over my face) - Yves rocher
Nail polish: There's no way i can choose which colour is my favorite, but i love these brands: O.P.I. - China glaze - Barry M
Hand cream: I don't really use hand cream that often, but i like the hand cream from yves rocher
Lipbalm: Carmex cherry
Self tanner: I don't use that.
Face scrub: Hema
Body scrub: Sweetly you sugar scrub, love this scrub!
Moisturizer: L'oreal happyderm.
Anti pimple: Queen helene mint julep mask.
Face cleanser: Yves rocher calmille
Showergel: I don't really have a favorite, i love FA showergels or bourjois.
Hair removal: Venus or Hema

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Everybody loves...

Shoes, shoes, shoes!
I haven't showed you these yet, so here are the latest shoes i've bought.
I've bought these in the past month(s), I actually have bought more but unfortunately those were too big. If someone's interested, i'm selling them (jazz wedges from bronx size 38 & leather biker boots in size 39).

Vintage leather over the knee boots, i love them. I already have one pair of suede brown overknees, but i'd like to buy another pair of overknees. I've been searching for the perfect suede black overknee boots on ebay, but i haven't found them yet..

Bronx (bree) buckle biker boots. I absolutely love these, i've been searching for these for the longest time, and now i finally found them.

Cheap ass studded buckle boots, i got these for only 30 euro.
So i think they're actually pretty nice, especially for the price.

Hmm... I really need some non-black boots, i keep buying everything in black.
Please let me know what you think of these boots!


Avon glazewear liquid lip colors review

Another review about the new avon items i received a few weeks ago, this time a review about the avon glazewear lipglosses. As you may have read in the previous post, i ordered some mark & avon products at a canadian blogger who orders for people. Unfortunately (for the people in the netherlands) you can't buy it online, except on ebay or like i do at this blogger.

darling pink - real red

I've got these 2 products for a great price, i don't know how much excactly but it was like 1,20 canadian dollar. That's like 1 euro or less! So that's super cheap, normally they cost $6.00.

- Feels great on the lips, like satin
- Great colours
- Not expensive
- Staying power is pretty good

- Doesn't have a great smell
- Packaging is a little cheap

I really love these lipglosses, lately i've been in love with the mac lipglasses. But these are definitely not the same, if you know the mac lipglasses you probably know that they're very sticky. I don't mind, i think that's nice because they stay on for the longest time. The glazewear lipglosses aren't sticky at all, they feel very silky on the lips. So that's great! The staying power of this lipgloss is pretty good, not as great as the mac glosses but ok. The colours are also great, especially the darling pink. It kinda reminds me of the nymphette lipglass from mac, similar colours & the gold shimmer in it. So it's a possible dupe for the mac one. If you prefer non sticky lipglosses, you'd probably like the avon one more. The real red is gorgeous too, like it says it's a true red. I think it's a great colour, very chic. And you can barely take it off, so the staying power is great. There are only 2 thing i didn't like about these lipglosses, i think they don't smell really well. Especially if you use the mac lipglosses, they smell awesome. I don't think the smell is really disturbing, because after you put it on you can't smell it anymore. But i prefer a nice smell. It kinda smells like caramel and a bit of vanilla, but a little chemical. Also another thing i didn't like about these is the packaging, they feel really lightweight. And i think that's a little cheap, so i don't really get that luxurious feeling like i have with the mac lipglasses. But overall, great product and great price. I really reccomend them if you'd like to try them!


Review: Avon naturals body sprays

First of all i'd like to say: I'm sorry i haven't kept my promise. I know it's not an excuse but i wasn't in the mood for blogging lately because of some things that were happening. But i've really missed it & hopefully i'll have enough inspiration to keep on blogging. I'll definitely try to post everyday on my blog for now on, i hope there are still people who love to read my posts. If so, thanks a lot!! Also i've changed my layout, I've had enough of the other layout, because i've had those for a long time. So hope you guys like it! Also you can follow my blog now, you can find it on the right! So here's another review (btw: a new video is coming soon).

A few weeks ago i ordered some stuff from Avon & Mark, thanks to a lovely canadian blogger. She orders for people, and she ships international. I was really happy about that because i've been wanting to try out some stuff from avon & mark for the longest time. Especially the products from mark, because lauren conrad is a partner of this brand. She always looks amazing, and she loves the products so i was really curious about the products. Today a review about 3 products from avon, in this week/(s) i'll review and swatch more products i bought from mark & avon. But today just a review about the body sprays.

From left to right: peach - blackberry & vanilla - apple & honeysuckle

I got these 3 for 10 canadian dollar, which is like 6,50 euro that's a great deal don't you think? Also there's 8.4 oz in them or 250 ml, that's a lot! I think they smell nice, they smell excactly like what they supposed to smell like. My favorite is apple & honeysuckle, it smells really fresh & fruity. Peach is my least favorite scent of them, because i don't really like the smell of peach and it's not something i'd like to spray on my body. I use this one as a room refresher. Mostly i use these as a room refreshers, but when it's summer i think these are nice to spray on & it's very refreshing. Unfortunately it's not summer anymore, so i'm not using them anymore. Overall i think this was a great deal, but unfortunately the normal price is like 9 dollars each. I think that's too much, and for that price you can find some better deals and body sprays.. If i would have to rate them, i would give them a 2.5 out of a 5. So i think they are ok, but not great.

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