My first video!

I'm gonna write this in dutch, because the video is also in dutch.

Ik heb gisteren een nieuwe webcam gekocht, dus leek het me leuk om een filmpje te maken. Vandaag heb ik dus mijn eerste filmpje gemaakt, ik vind het heel eng omdat het nogal raar is om jezelf zo terug te zien. Ik vind ook dat ik er heel anders uit zie en praat. Ik vond het vooral heel eng omdat ik nogal bang ben dat jullie me stem irritant vinden of dom, omdat ik soms hoor dat ik door me neus praat & in filmpjes lijkt dat nog érger.. Daar schaam ik me een beetje voor, maar ik heb me er maar overheen gezet omdat het me leuk leek om dit te doen. Ik hoop dat jullie het een beetje leuk vinden, als jullie tips hebben of kritiek. Ik hoor het graag!

Het volgende filmpje word btw een eotd, ik hoor graag wat jullie ervan vinden!


Adam lambert

Adam lambert - satisfaction (rolling stones)

Adam lambert - believe in love (cher)

Oh my god, he definitely should have been the winner of american idol 09.
I think he's an amazing artist, and kris didn't deserve to win american idol 09.

Have you seen american idol 09? And what do you think of it?


Blush ring

My boyfriend bought me this beautiful ring from blush, it's an early birthday present.
I'm turning 19 on june 6th, we also have 2 years & 3 months together on that day! So it's an extra special day =). I can't wait to receive this ring, i'll show you some photos of my own when i've received it.


Affordable asos items

Let me show you some of my favorite affordable asos pieces they have at the moment:
(click on the picture for a larger view)


1. €23.70 - 2. €30.00 - 3. €30.00 - 4. €30.00 - 5. €33.60

1. €33.00 - 2. €36.00 - 3. €36.00 - 4. €23.70 - 5. €24.00

1. €30.00 - 2. €30.00 - 3. €35.40 - 4. €29.99 - 5. €45.00


1. €21.60 - 2. €36.00 - 3. €41.40 - 4. €53.40 - 5. €35.40


1. €18.00 - 2. €30.00 - 3. €11.70 - 4. €11.70 - 5. €8.40



Saucy shady eotd

I made a quick eotd for those who were interested in an eotd with the l'oreal hip duo's. I've used 2 duo's, saucy & shady. This isn't the most pretty eotd, but i thought it was nice to show. Soon i'll be posting some fotd's with other hip duo's!

Let me know what you think of it!


L'oreal hip duo's

This weekend i finally received my l'oreal hip duo's, i got them on ebay about 3 weeks ago. And i could not wait to receive them, so i'm very glad that i've finally received them. I got 12 of them in different colors, i think the eyeshadows are amazing. The colors are great & they're very high pigmented.

Let me show you which colors i got:
all together













Pretty huh? Let me know what you think of it!


Alima pure review!

Yesterday i received some samples from alimapure, they've sent me the following things:

- foundation sample in: beige 5
- satin finishing powder in: ami
- 2 blushes in: dahlia & apricot
- eye color samples in: aphrodite, eden, bayou, vanilla

Alima pure makes mineral make up which are 100% natural, they use the highest quality & no noxious chemicals. Alima mineral make up is especially kind to sensitive skin.
I think the products are great, i love mineral make up especially when they're 100% natural.
So i was very excited to try these out! The eyeshadows are really nice, they have great pigmentation & it stays on for a long time. The blushes are also beautiful, i prefer the matte ones because most of the time i use matte blushes. They are very pigmented & the colors are very pretty. They have different colors & they're good for all kinds of skintones. The foundation was also great, the color was a bit too dark for me. But i think it's good during summer, when i'm a little more tan. The coverage of the foundation was good, it's a light - medium coverage. I think it's great to wear these foundation during the summer, and the satin finishing powder above the foundation makes it stay on longer & gives your face a soft-focus finish. So i definitely love the products, i think they're great products for a great price.
You can buy it on: http://www.alimapure.com/