I'm sorry!

Hi everyone,
I'm so sorry for the lack of updates (again) i'll make it up to you with a great contest which i'll post next year after the holidays! I wish everyone a very happy new year & also a happy x-mas with lots of love & nice food of course ;-). To make this post not so short i'll post a few more songs from artful dodger (they made some awesome songs), i hope you guys like it.

Artful dodger - twentyfourseven

Artful dodger - i can't give it up

Artful dodger - outrageous

Artful dodger ft. Craig david - woman trouble

Artful dodger - movin' too fast

Artful dodger - think about me

Artful dodger - please don't turn me on

Artful dodger's album: It's all about the stragglers, must be one of my top favorite albums. This album came out in 2000, when i was only 10 years old & i still love it now. What do you think of artful dodger?

Please let me know what you guys are doing this x-mas & on new years eve? I'm going to spend the 1st day of x-mas with my family & my boyfriend, with lots of nice food (we gaan gourmetten). And on new years eve i'll be staying with my family & boyfriend also.

Happy holidays everyone!


Favorite songs at the moment.

Here are my favourite songs at the moment (yes again), it changes all the time so i thought it would be nice to show you guys these every couple of months. Besides make-up & clothes i really love music, i guess everyone does so i hope you guys like some of these songs. Almost all of the songs i've already added to my music player (you can see it on the right, the cute bear :-p) so you can listen to it when you check out my blog.

Dizzee rascal - bonkers (ft. armand van helden), awesome song!

Robert pattinson - let me sign. Didn't knew he could sing too, i think it's very good & love the song even though it's very short lol.

Robert pattinson - i'll be your lover too.

yann tiersen - comptine d'un autre été. This is such a beautiful song, i don't think anyone would not love this song..

Metric - gold guns girls

Sam Sparro - pocket (Love this song, just like black and gold)

John Frusciante - central. Very good song, love it.

113 & Magic system - un gaou oran. Lol, this song just makes me happy.

Magic system - ki dit mie. haha again, this makes me happy even though i really don't know what the song is about lol..

Kings of leon - knocked up. I just love kings of leon, they're awesome!

Kings of leon - on call. Omg, they sound amazing live. I really hope there's a concert in the netherlands soon, i really want to see them live.

Mylo - drop the pressure. Motherfuckers gonna drop the pressure, lala love it..

A tribe called quest - electric relaxation. My boyfriend was listening to it, now i'm loving it too :-p.

Slum village - closer.

Souls Of Mischief - From 93 Till Infinity

Lupe Fiasco ft. Matthew Santos - shining down

Hope you guys liked it, please let me know what you think of these songs!