Review: Avon naturals body sprays

First of all i'd like to say: I'm sorry i haven't kept my promise. I know it's not an excuse but i wasn't in the mood for blogging lately because of some things that were happening. But i've really missed it & hopefully i'll have enough inspiration to keep on blogging. I'll definitely try to post everyday on my blog for now on, i hope there are still people who love to read my posts. If so, thanks a lot!! Also i've changed my layout, I've had enough of the other layout, because i've had those for a long time. So hope you guys like it! Also you can follow my blog now, you can find it on the right! So here's another review (btw: a new video is coming soon).

A few weeks ago i ordered some stuff from Avon & Mark, thanks to a lovely canadian blogger. She orders for people, and she ships international. I was really happy about that because i've been wanting to try out some stuff from avon & mark for the longest time. Especially the products from mark, because lauren conrad is a partner of this brand. She always looks amazing, and she loves the products so i was really curious about the products. Today a review about 3 products from avon, in this week/(s) i'll review and swatch more products i bought from mark & avon. But today just a review about the body sprays.

From left to right: peach - blackberry & vanilla - apple & honeysuckle

I got these 3 for 10 canadian dollar, which is like 6,50 euro that's a great deal don't you think? Also there's 8.4 oz in them or 250 ml, that's a lot! I think they smell nice, they smell excactly like what they supposed to smell like. My favorite is apple & honeysuckle, it smells really fresh & fruity. Peach is my least favorite scent of them, because i don't really like the smell of peach and it's not something i'd like to spray on my body. I use this one as a room refresher. Mostly i use these as a room refreshers, but when it's summer i think these are nice to spray on & it's very refreshing. Unfortunately it's not summer anymore, so i'm not using them anymore. Overall i think this was a great deal, but unfortunately the normal price is like 9 dollars each. I think that's too much, and for that price you can find some better deals and body sprays.. If i would have to rate them, i would give them a 2.5 out of a 5. So i think they are ok, but not great.

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