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I've been tagged by Laura from http://beautybloglaura.blogspot.com (thanks for tagging me Laura, haha it's always weird to call someone who has the same name)
So here are my answers to these questions:

How old were you when you first started to use make-up?
I don't know, i think i started to use make-up when i went to high school. So i was like 12 years old when i started to use it, i didn't use much. First i started to use mascara & an eyelash curler, when i got older i started to use a little bit foundation & maybe sometimes eyeliner. When i was 15-16 i used more make-up when i went to a party, i didn't really knew much about make-up so it didn't really look pretty haha ( i thought 10 layers of mascara looked good, yeah right? ).

What was your first make-up product?
Mascara. And i think my first mascara was from HEMA (dutch store)

Who inspired you to use make-up ?

I think my sister

Why do you use make-up?
I think make-up makes me feel more beautiful & i just love make-up. I love to play with different colours & to create a pretty look and feel good about myself after i've created that look. And i love to try out different brands and products, when i find a great product it makes me happy. Even though i love make-up so much, i don't wear it all the time.

What's the best beauty tip you've ever got?
I've seen a lot of great beauty tips on different beautyblogs/websites or on youtube. So it's hard to tell, but lately i've been using fix+ by mac to blend my foundation more. I think i saw this on youtube, i had problems with the foundation application (especially my studio sculpt foundation, because i have dry skin it looked cakey) now i use fix+ and a flat top brush (powder brush by elf studio) and it blends out perfectly. My foundation looks very natural & it doesn't look cakey anymore. So i think that was a great tip, because i hated that my foundation looked cakey.

What's your beauty tip for us?

If you have problems with foundation looking too cakey, use studio fix+ by MAC (or any other brand who has such sprays). You can spray it on your face before/after you applied your foundation, you can also spray it on a wedge sponge or your brush (i prefer a flat top brush, like elf's studio powder brush) than blend it out with swirling motions and your foundation looks more natural and not/less cakey. Also if you haven't got it already, buy an eyelash curler. When i was younger i had problems with my lashes. I always wanted them to curl more, but mascara didn't help. So when i found out there was an eyelash curler, it made me so happy. Now my eyelashes look much longer & much more curled.

How do you store your make-up?
I got 2 ikea drawers, where i store some of my make-up, hair & beauty products. I also have 2 plastic drawers from xenos where i store more make-up on top of the ikea drawer.

How long does it take for you to apply your make-up?

It depends on how long i have, normally i just take my time so that means i'm really slow. So it takes about 30-45 minutes, yeah it's very long i know but it's not like i have tons of make-up on. And when i go out to a party or have a dinner or something, it takes even longer because i always want my make-up to look perfect haha.

What's your favorite make-up brand & why?

Wow that's hard, because there's always a brand i like more for a specific product. For example: mascara's. I use drugstore brands, because i think they work the best. For mascara's i really love max factor or maybelline. But when it comes to foundation, lipsticks, lipglosses, blushes etc. I looove MAC. I also really like NYX, they have great products and it's very cheap. So i think my favorite make-up brands must be MAC and NYX. Mac because the products are awesome, one of the best i think! And they always have limited editions, so you have a lot of choice. Also the smell of their products are lovely! The packaging is also pretty, and it makes me feel very luxurious when i use it. I think nyx is one of the best drugstore brands (even though you can't buy it there in the netherlands), the products have great pigmentation and they have a wide range of colours and products. Also the smell of their products is ok, not great like mac but it's ok. I think the packaging of their products is also ok, i don't love it but i don't hate it either.

Which product do you really want to have at the moment?
MAC's lipstick in lollipop loving (especially the gorgeous limited edition packaging, so pretty!). I've been wanting this lipstick for a pretty long time, so i think it's about time i go and buy it.

I'm tagging, my lovely sister Jony: http://adreamworldwherefashionexist.blogspot.com/ & the sweet Suzanne: http://deltacephei.nl/

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Oehh! Thanks =D Even invullen!

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Haha no thanks, leuk ik ben benieuwd! :)

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Je moet een keer een stash filmpje maken!

Lvst zei

@ Steeph, thanks voor je comment! Binnenkort zal ik een stash filmpje maken =)

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Hey! IK vroeg me af, heb je de bronx laarsjes kort geleden gekocht en zoja in welke winkel?

Fashion Nicotine zei

Thnx =D Altijd leuk, jij ook bedankt ;)
Ik moet zeggen dat ik het beide een beetje tegen vind vallen...
De Asos wing ring is best wel klein en de pistolenketting van fashionoly is helemaal klein uitgevallen...De chain cross armband valt wel mee en die oorbellen zijn wel helemaal zoals verwacht... Wat wil jij gaan bestellen?

Laura zei

Hey! Die tip van de Fix+ in combinatie met foundation ga ik zeker eens proberen. Ik heb nu namelijk steeds dat ik droge velletjes krijg nadat ik foundation opdoe (vooral op m'n neus voorhoofd). Fix+ is natuurlijk ook verzorgend, dus wie weet is het dan wel minder. Dus thanks voor de tip!


Is Jony je zusje???
Wat super grappig!
Nu je het zegt zie ik wel wat overeenkomsten idd!

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Ja echt vervelend hé maar kan er niks aan doen! volgende x beter in januari ;)..ook lief van je berichtje! Als ik btw wil reageren op je bericht, klik ik op je naam maar dan gaat ie niet naar je blog :s..snap je wat ik bedoel?
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Oh en btw ik moet nog even al die vragen invullen voor op mijn blog :)!!! Hvj!! (K)