Avon glazewear liquid lip colors review

Another review about the new avon items i received a few weeks ago, this time a review about the avon glazewear lipglosses. As you may have read in the previous post, i ordered some mark & avon products at a canadian blogger who orders for people. Unfortunately (for the people in the netherlands) you can't buy it online, except on ebay or like i do at this blogger.

darling pink - real red

I've got these 2 products for a great price, i don't know how much excactly but it was like 1,20 canadian dollar. That's like 1 euro or less! So that's super cheap, normally they cost $6.00.

- Feels great on the lips, like satin
- Great colours
- Not expensive
- Staying power is pretty good

- Doesn't have a great smell
- Packaging is a little cheap

I really love these lipglosses, lately i've been in love with the mac lipglasses. But these are definitely not the same, if you know the mac lipglasses you probably know that they're very sticky. I don't mind, i think that's nice because they stay on for the longest time. The glazewear lipglosses aren't sticky at all, they feel very silky on the lips. So that's great! The staying power of this lipgloss is pretty good, not as great as the mac glosses but ok. The colours are also great, especially the darling pink. It kinda reminds me of the nymphette lipglass from mac, similar colours & the gold shimmer in it. So it's a possible dupe for the mac one. If you prefer non sticky lipglosses, you'd probably like the avon one more. The real red is gorgeous too, like it says it's a true red. I think it's a great colour, very chic. And you can barely take it off, so the staying power is great. There are only 2 thing i didn't like about these lipglosses, i think they don't smell really well. Especially if you use the mac lipglosses, they smell awesome. I don't think the smell is really disturbing, because after you put it on you can't smell it anymore. But i prefer a nice smell. It kinda smells like caramel and a bit of vanilla, but a little chemical. Also another thing i didn't like about these is the packaging, they feel really lightweight. And i think that's a little cheap, so i don't really get that luxurious feeling like i have with the mac lipglasses. But overall, great product and great price. I really reccomend them if you'd like to try them!

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Nerdic.. zei

Die rode is erg mooi!
X, fashion-nerdic

Lvst zei

Thanks voor je comment!
Die vind ik ook erg mooi :)

Joyca zei

mooie kleur :D
welke blogger bestel je het?

steffi zei

wow ik vind ze beiden erg mooi!

Lvst zei

Dankjulliewel voor de comments!
ik bestel altijd bij: http://just-another-beauty-blog.blogspot.com/

Jony zei

Vind beiden kleuren mooi!!! Heb je ook een op-foto ;)..

Lvst zei

@ Jony, nee haha nog niet. Misschien dat ik die binnenkort een keer maak! X kus

Jony zei

Lieverd, lijkt me leuk om een op-foto te zien, vooral van die rode! Wnneer post je weer eens van die outfits..dat had je in het begin, was ook leuk!!! Love it! (K)

Lvst zei

@ Jony, ik zal snel een op foto maken :D! Haha dankje, ik was al van plan om uitfit foto's te maken. Maar ik zie er nooit speciaal uit dus hahaha, maar ik doe het wel! :)

Fashion Nicotine zei

Wow die rode is echt super! Ik ga ook eens die blogger checken! Leuke blog heb je trouwens, echt heel handig en leuk gedaan!