Art de Lautrec nailpolish review

It's been a long time since i've put my last review on my blog, so today finally another review!
Most of you who know my blog or know me, know that i'm a nailpolish addict. Of course i'm a make-up/beauty addict, that's for sure haha.. But i'm also a real nailpolish addict, i really like nailpolish. I think it looks so nice when you have some color on your nails, or maybe even a french manicure. I think it just looks so much better when i have nailpolish on. I think it also just makes your outfit look better, i don't know if i'm the only one. But when i look at celebs you always see (most of time) they're wearing nailpolish, and i think it just looks so beautiful & chic.

So here's a review of this nailpolish brand called: Art de Lautrec.
Here's what they claim:

It has three essential attributes of a precious nail polish:
  • Quickly dries after application
  • It is resistant to wearing down, mechanical damage or scratches
  • It's long-lasting formula ensures colour coat for a long time

Above advantages guarantee nails of nicely, well cared-for look. After very first application rich colours leaves a silky, smooth coat. Wide choice of colour shades was created to satisfy the needs of every customer.

Volume: 12 ml.

I think what they claim is absolutely true, i haven't tried all the nailpolish colours yet. But i have tested a few to see how they work. And they dry very quickly! Also i've tested one (the purple one, see pic) on my nails to see how long it would stay on my nails without chipping. I've tested it with and without topcoat. So one hand with nailpolish with topcoat & 1 hand without topcoat. The nailpolish without topcoat stayed on for 2 days without chipping, and the nails with topcoat stayed on for 3 days without chipping. So i think that's amazing, because normally my nailpolish without topcoat can't even stay on for 1 day without chipping. And i'm talking about more expensive nail polish, so that's great! Also the nailpolish covers really good, for 2 colours i've tried i only needed 1 coat for great coverage. So let me show you the colours i've tried so far:

Nr. 208 - this is one coat. It's a french manicure colour

Nr. 208 - this is three coats, this is meant as a french manicure.
So the coverage isn't great, but if you want you can also use 3 coats for nice pink nails

Nr. 411 - beautiful hot pink purple colour, only needed 2 coats for great coverage.

Nr. 34 - dark purple with shimmer, only needed 1 coat for great coverage!

They sell a lot of colours, also the nailpolishes are very cheap and the quality is great. You can buy it on http://www.alicejohavesentials.nl/

Do you have some nail polishes of this brand & what do you think of it?
Please let me know what you think of it

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Nerdic.. zei

Vind die 2e en de laatste kleur het leukst!
X, fashion-nerdic.

lvst zei

Thanks voor je comment!
die vind ik zelf ook het mooist =)

Laura zei

het laatste kleurtje vind ik erg mooi!

Anoniem zei

oeh pwetty! ga ik checken hehe

Myrna.. zei

De twee laatste zijn echt leuke kleurtjes!

Jony zei

Wat een prachtige nieuwe opmaak..love it!! wnneer komt er weer een nieuwe update ;)!

lvst zei

Dankjewel lieve zus!
haha heel snel, erg he al lang weer niet. hovj x

Velo zei

i love the first color! cute.

Tessa zei

wat een pracht kleurtjes!

S. zei

Eindelijk een review over art de lautrec! Wil er ook nagellakjes van bestellen, maar kon bijna nergens vinden of ie wel fijn is. Nu weet ik t dus haha