Favorite songs at the moment.

I haven't post about music in a while, so i thought it would be nice to show you my favorite songs at the moment again. Hope you guys like to see some posts about music too!

La roux - growing pains

La roux - in for the kill

The temper trap - love lost

La roux - quicksand

La roux - colourless color

La roux - cover my eyes

Passion pit - sleepyhead

Miike snow - silvia (i'll never get sick of this song, love it!)

Miike snow - burial (live, love his voice)

Manu Chao - Me gustas tu (funny song & i love it)

Manu Chao - Bongo Bong (same as the song above, funny song & i love it)

Ladyhawke - magic

Kings of leon - the bucket

Kings of leon - charmer

Kings of leon - king of the rodeo

Kings of leon - on call

Cut copy - lights and music

Cut copy - hearts on fire

The prodigy - O

The prodigy - warriors dance (awesome)

Empire of the sun - standing on the shore (love empire of the sun)

Empire of the sun - eclipse (crazy clip, i love it! And love empire of the sun)

Jon Lajoie - high as fuck (haha i thought this was hilarious, i just had to show u these)

Yeah i know, a lot of different music haha. But i have a large taste of music :)
Hope you guys liked this!

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Anoniem zei

zitten leuke liedjes bij! ^^ en lekker veel, ik ga er af en toe eentje checken hehe

lvst zei

Haha leuk! Leuk om te horen :)