Review: Thepromakeupshop.com

Yesterday i've received some samples from thepromakeupshop.com.

THEPROMAKEUPSHOP.COM is an exciting new online store providing a range of essential products for the professional makeup artist, student, educator, schools and consumers. Our core product range includes new and exclusive single use and disposable mascara wands, brushes and applicators for eyes, lips and the face that target the concerns of professional makeup artists, their clients and consumers regarding bacteria, infection and cross-contamination, but because of our products' quality, you can still achieve the latest looks in fashion and beauty.

I've received the magic 9 mascara brush collection & the pro collection.

The magic 9 mascara brush collection includes:

3 x "Big Bertha"
3 x "Long Tall Lucy"
3 x "Natural Nadine"
3 x "Particular Polly"
3 x "Show Stopping Sam"
3 x "Voluptuous Veronica"
3 x "Curvy Carolina"
3 x "Shapely Shelly"
3 x "Wide Eyed Wendy"

I got one sample of each mascara brush. You have a lot of choice in different brushes, so you can achieve different looks.

The pro collection includes:

2 x "Shady Sheena" Dual Foam & Natural Brush Eye Shadow Applicator
2 x "Double Trouble Trudie" Dual Foam Eye Shadow Applicator
2 x "Angled Angelina" Deluxe Angled Eyeliner/Eye Brow Brush
2 x "Tidy Terry" Eye Brow Comb
2 x "Liquid Lily" Long Tipped Eyeliner Applicator
2 x "Precision Penny" Short Tipped Eyeliner Applicator
2 x "Glossy Gloria" Sponge Lip Gloss Applicator
2 x "Pouting Poppy" Deluxe Synthetic Lip Brush
2 x "Blushing Belinda" Large Blush, Contour & Highlight Brush
2 x "Highlight Holly" Small Natural Blush, Contour & Highlight Brush

Again i received one sample of each, this collection contains single use tools for lips eyes and face.

I think thepromakeupshop.com is a great online store & it's a great idea, because it's very important that you work with bacteria, infection free tools when you're a professional make up artist. If you're a make up artist, or your practicing as one or if you're just a consumer. You should definitely check it out! I think these are musthaves for a professional make up artist.

Thepromakeupshop.com ships international & the products aren't expensive.

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