Anastasia beverly hills review!

A few days ago i received some things from anastasia beverly hills, she gave me the following things: The 6-item kit, which includes: tweezers, brow powder, 5 brow stencils, mini duo brush, clear brow gel, dvd with instructions & matte camille highlighter. I also received the go brow, brow enchancing serum, brow duality & the lash lifting mascara. I was so excited to receive this, i couldn't wait to try them out. And oh my god, i absolutely love these products. They are the best i've ever tried, i hate my brows. But with the products, i kinda love them now. Which is pretty amazing for me, because i have overplucked them for years & i hated them.

Let me show you what i received & what i think about the products:

What's inside:

From left to right : Clear brow gel - matte camille highlighter - 5 brow stencils - dvd - brow powder duo in medium ash -mini duo brush - tweezers

What i think of the products:

I think these products are amazing! The tweezer is great, it's the best i've ever tried. It took me so little time to remove all the unwanted hairs. The mini duo brush is also very good, the brow brush worked great & it's very soft! I think the 5 brow stencils are also a great idea, but unfortunately there wasn't a shape that fits my brows (my brows are too small :( ). The brow powder was perfect for me, finally a good color that matches my hair color. Also it did look natural which i'm very very happy about! Because of all the other products i've tried, i thought it looked fake & unnatural, so big thumbs up for the anastasia brow powder. The matte highlighter is a great product, it made my brows pop out more. The clear brow gel is also very good, i haven't tried other brow gels yet. But i'm very happy with this one!

Top to bottom : Lash lifting mascara - brow duality - go brow - brow enchancing serum

What i think of these products:

The mascara worked fine for me, more about this read below. The brow duality is great, it made my brows pop out more (for swatches & more read below). The go brow is also very good, the brow pencil worked great for me. It's the perfect color & it's great for an everyday look. I don't have any opinion about the brow enchancing serum yet, because i'll have to use it for a few weeks first. I'll let you know what i think of it, within a few weeks!

Lash lifting mascara

I'm very picky about mascara's, i always want a waterproof version of mascara's. Because when i don't use the waterproof version, my lashes won't stay curled. That's excactly what happened to me with this mascara, i thought the brush worked very good & i definitely loved it. Except it didn't worked for me, i think if it would be a waterproof version i would like this one very much. So if you always use non waterproof mascara, this is definitely a great mascara. The mascara didn't made my lashes curl, but it definitely made them longer! See pic below.

Brow duality

Brow duality swatch, on the left is the matte version & on the right is the shimmer version.
I think the highlighters are great, it definitely makes my brows pop out more.

Before & after photo, with the products used below

(duo brow powder, clear brow gel, matte highlighter, mini duo brush)

Full face shot, used brow powder on the right brow (the right side on this photo)

Overall i loved all of the products, i can't tell you how much but i absolutely loved them. They are the best brow products i have ever tried, i don't think i'll ever need to try out more. Because these products are perfect for me!!

You can buy it on http://www.anastasia.net , or on several stores!

For the dutch people, ik zag dat je het ook bij de douglas kan kopen.

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Frances zei

Wauw wat een mooi setje!
Ik heb zelf een wenkbrauwsetje van Cristian, echt de perfecte uitvinding! :)

lvst zei

Echt fijn he! Ik ben echt blij dat ik nu een beetje tevreden met mijn wenkbrauwen ben =D!

kris zei

I'm soooo jealous of your brows! Mine suck.

lvst zei

Ahh thanks, i hate mine too. So it's nice to hear that :)

Askmewhats zei

Wow..thanks for the review, I have never used any Anastacia products because it's not available down here, but I've read so many raves about this! thanks for the review, you are gorgeous!

lvst zei

No thanks nikki! You're gorgeous too =D

Suzanne zei

Ohhhh mooie spullies!