Review: Sweetly you

Yesterday i've received 3 things from sweetly you, i was so excited!
I've received the following things:

- essential sugar scrub in sweet heart (8 oz.)
- foaming bath butter in pomegranate (8 oz.)
- premium body lotion in very sexy (4 oz.)
here's what they claim:

- essential sugar scrub: Sweetly You offers an Essential Sugar Scrub that uses the natural power of Avocado Oil, Bees Wax, JoJoba Beads and raw cane sugar to help leave rough, flaky skin smooth and moisturized. Great for use on skin during the summer to show off a fresh glow or during the winter stay smooth and moisturized. A great companion to our luxurious Foaming Bath Butter. Buff some life into your tired skin today!

- foaming bath butter: This luxurious foaming bath butter is made with sweet almond oil, glycerine, and pink jojoba beads and has the consistency of a rich cake icing with tiny pink sprinkles. It moisturizes even rough, dry, flaky skin leaving behind a softness that ordinary bath soaps can’t provide. Its unique foaming action helps it go a long way and also provides an ultra-rich moisturizing lather for both women and men's shaving. Try some today and fall in love with Foaming Bath Butter!

- premium body lotion: Made with natural Shea Butter, Avocado Oil, Jojoba and Aloe Vera,this silky cream lotion is able to effectively repair and soften your dry or stressed skin while Grape Seed oil and other natural vitamins help as anti-oxidants to protect your skin.Try our Premium Body Lotion and boost your skin's health today!
What i think about the products:

- essential sugar scrub in sweet heart (8oz)
This smells so good, it smells very sweet like candy or something. I absolutely love the smell of this scrub. The scrub made my skin feel very soft, it definitely does what they claim. You get 8 oz, which is a lot! For only $9.95, i definitely reccomend this to anyone who needs a new scrub that moisturizes your skin & makes it feel soft.

- Foaming bath butter in pomegranate (8oz)
Again i love the smell, it's very sweet! I think it smells great. It felt great on my skin & it really moisturized my skin. So if you have dry skin & you need some nice smelling bath butter,i definitely reccomend this to you! It's only $10.95 for 8oz!

- Premium body lotion in very sexy (4oz)
Hmmm, this smells great. I don't know if it smells the same as the original scent from victoria's secret, because i haven't smelled that one before. But i love it! It's a very nice smell, it's very sexy like it says. The body lotion made my skin feel very soft! If you have a dry skin & you need a lovely smelling body lotion, i definitely reccomend this to you! It's only $6.95, so grab yourself a bargain!

You can buy it here: http://www.sweetlyyou.com/

2 reacties:

Joyca zei

misschien ben ik heel stom maar hoe moet je de Foaming Bath Butter gebruiken? gewoon als normale creme's wat je op je huid smeerd omdat er staat bath!

lvst zei

haha ik wist het eerst zelf ook niet, omdat ik inderdaad ook gelijk dacht van huh bath? Maar het kan gebruikt worden onder de douche, net zoals douchegel. Alleen is dit een creme achtige substantie. En word je huid daardoor super zacht, je kan het ook gebruiken om te scheren!