Another nail polish haul!

I'm such a sucker at blogging, i'm so sorry guys! It really was my plan to make more blogposts, but as you may have already noticed there weren't any blogposts or only a few. So i'm sorry, i'm not going to promise i'll make more blogposts anymore. Because we all know i couldn't keep my promise before... But i have some things planned & i'll make sure i'll be posting more. So if you follow my blog, you'll see the newest posts!

And again a nail polish haul, i'm such a nail polish addict! I really like to paint my nails all kinds of colors, i think it looks nice when you have some cute colour on your nails instead of always the same colour or just a french manicure. Right now i'm trying to resist on buying more nail polishes. Except when there's a really unique colour or a colour that i don't already have. Or or or... No just kidding haha. So here are the nail polishes and swatches, hope you guys like it!

I really liked essie this month. From left to right: Like linen - Van d'go - Tart deco - California coral - Mink muffs

O.P.I. dim sum plum - China glaze re-fresh mint - O.P.I. jade is the new black

Seche restore thinner, for my seche vite dry fast topcoat. I really hope it works, haven't tried it out yet but the seche vite dry fast topcoats get thick real quick so it will thin the topcoat.

Essie - Like linen

Essie - Van d'go

Essie - tart deco

Essie - California coral

Essie - Mink muffs

China glaze - Re-fresh mint

Opi - Dim sum plum

Opi - Jade is the new black

I really like these nail polishes a lot, especially the Essie ones. I think they were really great to apply, very smooth application. All swatches are 2 coats, the only nail polish that didn't apply that well was china glaze re-fresh mint. This nail polish applied really streaky & it was pretty thick so it was a bit annoying to apply. But overall i really like the colour, it's a really nice mint colour! The essie colors are great summer nail polishes, especially van d'go - tart deco & california coral i think they're HOT!

Please let me know what you think of these nail polishes!

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Mr. Pineapple Man zei

colors are so pretty! nails too!

Jony zei

Prachtige prachtige kleurtjes!!! is Essie fijn?

As pretty as zei

Staat zo mooi! Ook omdat jouw nagels echt de perfecte vorm hebben <3

"As pretty as"

The Cheeky girl zei

love the nude selection ! want the same


Floor zei

Ooh, ziet er nice uit :)

x Floor

Kasia_B zei

Your blog is sooo nice! I'm following!
Follow me too? ;)


Pauline zei

Wauw! Mooie lakjes!

Anoniem zei

die eerste van essie is toch niet zo leuk vind ik :P kan het zijn dat dat jouw nagels zijn op alice&jo? ^^

Tliciouz zei

Wat een heerljke lakjes zeg! <3
Je hebt echt hele mooie nagels!

Ik kijk al een tijdje op je blog en zie nu pas dat je uit Nijmegen komt :o ik kom uit Druten.

Neem ook eens een kijkje op mijn blog, denk dat je die wel kan waarderen!

Anoniem zei

wauw heel mooi allemaal! heb al een paar 'lemmings' erbij :P

Dhini zei

wauwi...mooie kleuren heb je geshopt

Anoniem zei

Super leuke blog!! Via via via kwam ik erop terecht! You rock girl!

Love your Essie lakjes!

Shirley's Nail Art zei

Loving the colors!
Nice swatches! :-)

evie zei

very nice color of nail polishies I would like have van d go:)