HUGE perfume haul (in english)

So finally i had the courage to make some videos in english! So i know my english is not good, but i think it's decent enough to understand everything, so i thought why not make some videos in english since almost everyone understands english.. First i wanted to say: i'm not doing videos in enligsh because i think i can speak the language so well. But because i want everyone to understand my videos if they would like to, and i think it's fun to do too. The first video in english is a HUGE perfume haul, and i had to edit in 3 parts. So it's way too long, but whatever haha!

I hope you guys like it & i hope everyone understands it!
Please let me know what you think of it! And don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel (because i'm going to put on a contest when i've reached a certain amount of subscribers!!)

2 reacties:

Jony zei

LEUK LEUK LEUK!! Gaat steeds beter, je ziet dat het bij het derde filmpje al veel beter gaat. Als je zo doorgaat krijg meer viewers denk ik ;)!!! Goedzo lieverd, ben trots op je!

Dhini zei

Wauw wat veel parfumes aankopen
ben gek op parfumes
Love your aankopen