LuShae jewelry bow ring

A week ago i received this gorgeous ring from lushae jewelry.
First of all i'd like to say that: this ring was send to me for review purposes, so i didn't buy it myself. But that doesn't mean i'm not honest, because it's not like i'm getting paid for it or something. These are just my honest opinions, if i don't like things i will not show them or it would be a bad review. So it's not like i have to review this, if i wasn't excited about this or if i wouldn't like it i would'nt put this on my blog of course!

So i received this amazing ring from Sarah from lushae jewelry http://www.jewelryartdesigns.com/jewelry-jad.asp?p=Promise-Rings & i absolutely love it! On the webshop the ring didn't look as good as in real life, the ring looks 10 times better in real life. I received it really fast, less than a week so that's very good for international shipping. Also the packaging is really cute, it comes in a cute blue box. The ring itself is very good quality, i didn't expected it to be so good actually. So i was very surprised, i've been wearing this ring a lot. Now let me show you the ring:

This is how the bow tie love ring looks on the webshop

The cute box closed & open with the ring.

As you can see the bow part (the middle part) is silver and the top & bottom is gold, the quality is amazing! I'm very happy with this ring, it costs $81.00 & it comes in sizes from 5-10.

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deltacephei zei


Jony zei

Hij is echt PRACHTIG, ben ook super blij met mijn ring!
Goede review ook, zeker mee eens!

Lauren zei

I have the same ring! Your sister Jony commented on my blog, with link to your and her blogs. LuShae have some great designs. Anyways its a gorgeous ring! xx


Lis zei

Wow! Die is echt heeeeel MOOI!

Breshna & Rona zei

prachtige ring!

Dhini zei

Heel erg mooi

Amber zei

Wow, ik hou meestal niet van ringen maar deze is echt geweldig! <3

NINA zei

wauw heel mooi al die nagellak foto's, volgens mij werd ik ook gemaild door die sierdaden site, alleen ik durfde het niet helemaal want ik dacht straks hebben ze zomaar je adres, maar dat ga ik dat ook ff doen! leuke blog! xo

Danique zei

Echt heel erg mooi!

Glamour Bbey. zei

Hij is echt mooi!

Glamour Bbey. zei

Thanks girl! Is leuk om te horen, de meeste vinden me met langer haar mooier!


Sharona zei

Waaauw ! Heel erg mooi *verliefd*

Petra zei

Echt heel mooi! En je nagels zijn ook super!

Petra x