Nail polish haul

And finally here's a new blogpost, i'll update my blog from now on at least once a week (of course i'll be posting more, but i have to blog at least once a week). Also i'm trying to do more videos, i'm going to make some new videos this week. What you can expect is: tutorials - fashion haul - make-up hauls.

So a few days ago i received my order from transdesign, i ordered 9 nail polishes. I actually wanted more, even though i already have way too much nail polish. But it's very addicted when you see all those pretty colours, and i convince myself i don't have those colours yet (which is true, but of course i don't need them when i already have more than 200 nail polishes). The shipping at transdesign is really annoying, because when you buy 9 nail polishes or less it's $18 (not really cheap, but also not really expensive). But when you buy more than 9 it will be much more, than it would be $57 for a maximum of 42 bottles. So that's pretty annoying because when you want 10 or 11 or more you'll have to pay 3 times more shipping costs. But even though the shipping costs are high, i think transdesign is great! I always receive my orders in a week, so that's really quick!
So let me show you which nail polishes i got:

From left to right, all O.P.I: midnight in moscow - barefoot in barcelona - we'll always have paris - dating a royal - samoan sand

Seche vite dry fast top coat - china glaze spontaneous - china glaze VII - orly country club khaki

I haven't tried them out yet, but i'll show you guys how they look on my nail in NOTD's these couple of weeks. I already have tried the seche vite dry fast top coat, this is actually my second one. I love this stuff, it's great when you want your nails to dry quick & of course it helps the nail polish to stay longer on your nails.

Do you have any of these nail polishes, if so what do you think of them? And also do you guys have any nail polish reccomendations? Don't forget to follow my blog if you'd like to & also don't forget to leave a comment, i'd love to read them!

4 reacties:

Jony zei

Prachtige kleuren, maar dat wist je al! Oh binnen een week dat is wel snel zeg :)...als ik een x ga bestellen zou ik niet weten welke kleuren, zijn er zoooo veel!

Annigje zei

Mooie lakjes! Hiervan staan er ook een paar op mijn wishlist.

prettybudget zei

die paarse <3

Dian zei

Wat een geweldige kleuren zeg!
Ik heb inderdaad bij Jessica de make-up besteld. En ik ben helemaal verliefd.. Echt, ik ben er zo gelukkig mee! Daarom ook érg bedankt voor je tip! Ik wil zeker meer bestellen. Eigenlijk ook de foundation, maar het probleem is een beetje dat je het natuurlijk niet kunt testen. Dus dat ga ik nog even goed bekijken. Welke producten heb jij allemaal van mark =)? Misschien nog dingen die je me aanraadt?