Midnight in moscow

As you all may know i ordered some new nail polishes on transdesign (see previous post), i'm wearing one of the new ones today and i really really love this polish. I love that the polish kinda looks black but when you look close and especially in sunlight you can see it has a lot of gorgeous red shimmer in it. So here's a photo of the nail polish on my nails:

O.P.I midnight in moscow

Gorgeous color right? I think it's a nice alternative for a black nail polish & i reccomend it especially if you love the vampy or dark nail polishes. Also the application is great, but that's pretty much always with opi nail polishes!

Hope you guys liked it! The next couple of weeks i will be showing you the other new polishes on my nails as well.

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drusilla zei

Wauw, gave lak zeg!

Annigje zei

Echt een super mooie kleur!