A little update

First of all i want to thank everyone who follows my blog & those who comment on my posts! I really appreciate your comments on my posts. I'm sorry again (yes again, as you can see my previous post is an apology for not making much blogposts and as you can see it was a month ago so...) for not updating this blog with a new post, i really suck at this but it has been a busy month & i wasn't really in the mood for it because of some private problems. I hope there are still people who enjoy to read my posts and follow my blog, there's going to be a lot new posts soon. Soon i'll update my blog with a new post & i'll try to keep my blog updated at least every week. Also i'm trying to do more videos, which i'll be posting soon too! For those who are curious about the upcoming blogposts, the upcoming posts will be about:
  • Another contest with great make-up products
  • A review about the illamasqua satin primer
  • FOTD's & NOTD's
  • Outfit of the days
  • Fashion haul & beauty/make-up hauls
  • Swatches from new products
  • Stash video + photos
See you guys soon with another update! Don't forget to follow my blog if you'd like to, and don't forget to leave a comment i would love to read it & i really appreciate it! Thanks a lot!
X Laura

5 reacties:

Anoniem zei

Leuk dat je weer post!

revvel zei


Jony zei

Super leuk lieverd, ik kan niet w8en!!! Hvj, xxx

Samantha zei

Yay, heb steeds gekeken voor nieuwe posts :)

Laura zei

Kom maar op met de updates! Lijkt me leuk om weer eens wat artikelen van je te lezen! Succes!