Dogeared necklaces

Ever since i saw some of the jewelry by the brand Dogeared, i always wanted to have at least 1 piece of their collection. I really adore all of the necklaces they sell, they're so pretty & very cute! So i've finally bought a necklace on ebay. At first i didn't really knew which one i had to get, because they were all so cute. I really like small subtle necklaces, and most of the dogeared necklaces are so it was very hard to choose. I think i'll even buy one more next month, don't know which one yet but i'll figure it out haha. The one i got is a very cute small gold dipped key necklace, it's perfect for everyday wear (really wanted to have a small gold coloured necklace for everyday wear). This necklace is 16" long, so you can pair it even with a longer necklace. I think i'm going to buy another necklace from dogeared to pair it with this necklace, lol i don't know yet but i think it will look cute.
Now let me show you the necklace i got:

Here's the necklace on the card (i think it's very nice to buy this as a gift for someone)

The necklace on my neck, really subtle cute necklace.

Do you have any dogeared items? Please let me know what you think of it!

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beitjuh zei

onwijs onwijs mooi!!

Jony zei

Zoooo mooi!! Staat je goed zus :) xxx

Fashion Nicotine zei

Leuk, ik vind het altijd schattige armbandjes/kettingen.. maar geloof er totaal niet in...