Earthen treasures

A few months ago i've found this super sweet webshop called earthen treasures. It's a small bath & body business, where you can find lovely home made products made by a mother & daughter from Pennsylvania. I have read many great reviews about their body mists, they have really good designer dupes and it's so cheap! So a few weeks ago i've decided to order some of their purse size moisturizing body spray. And i received it this weekend

So this is my order, 16 body mists & she also gave me some free gifts. So sweet! I'm so happy with the body mists, they smell so nice. My favorites are:
- Sexy graffiti, smells super nice & sweet.
- Gucci II, this is the only dupe i have as a original fragrance as well. I absolutely love this one, it smells not exact the same as the original. But it smells so nice, if you like the original you'll like this one too. I love it!
- Pacific paradise, this one smells sweet & fresh. Great for summertimes!
- Blackberry musk, this one smells really fruity and sweet as well. I love it!

As you can see i really like sweet fragrances, these purse size body mists (8 ml.) are only 2.25 dollar each. The 2 oz. is only 4,95, so cheap! I will definitely buy more of this cute webshop!

You can buy it here:

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